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  • What does EGS do?

    We have started "Fixed B2B digital Scrap Model". Evergold believes in digitalize infrastructure for a cleaner scrap company. we view the scrap problems (time, space, cost, quality and quantum) and as the scrap changes into a meaning full new product. Using a circular economy model with digitization footprint, we encouraged re-produce end of scrape into good quality. Safe, easy, cost effective way to transform sustainable new products. As we said “One company’s scrap is another company’s (treasure island)”. Our long-term goal is to upcycle all scrap /waste/e-waste timely and thus reduce in factory space utilizations issues and convert it to a meaningful eco-friendly environment with digitalize system. Would you like large number of genuine vendors to sell /buy your company scrap/wastes? It’s simple: we list your scrap/wastage details online in digitalize system through new apps which help you to match required scrap items quantity to dispose-off with B2B basis on good prices. No middle man gimmicks pick them up /select them and provide them to potential buyers just as they need it. (logistic support can be provided as per request by seller/buyer). Now you can upload and sell/buy your daily /Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly scrap quantity with us or genuine buyers/seller. And the good thing is you don't need to pay to middle man or waste time looking person to sell it every day on lower price rates. You will be charged nominal amount on deal basis. You can WhatsApp or call us to tell your items details and you will get good price deal shortly.

  • How can I get EGS delivery?

    To get EGS delivery, simply select the scape items and quantity which you looking for and suits to you, browse through a variety of logistic services, check distance and prices, choose your locations and add them to the logistic vendors. Now you only need to check out and make the payment. Soon your required scrap with booked quantity will arrive at your doorstep!

  • How can I order scrap in Pakistan?

    To order scrap in Pakistan, follow these simple steps: 1. Find a Scrap. Enter your delivery address in the location form to see all the places that deliver to your location. It must your registered WH space or even factory! 2. Select your Items. Browse the menu and select your scrap and quantity and add them to your logistic partners. When you are done, press the "Checkout" button. 3. Checkout & Payment. Check your order, payment method selection and exact delivery address. Simply follow the checkout instructions from there. If you are registered with EGS we shall give you payments receiving message. 4. Delivery. We will send you an email and SMS confirming your scrap order quantity and delivery time. Vehicles no and driver name as well. Sit back, relax and wait for incoming scrape items to be conveniently delivered to you!

  • Does EGS deliver 24 hours?

    NO, EGS observed official timing both side company’s mutual consent.

  • Can you pay cash for EGS?

    Yes, you can pay cash up to some extent to over representative for in Pakistan. Mostly we deal in all payments through banking channels.

  • How can I pay EGS online?

    You can pay online while you select the particular scrap items by using online banking or through pay order/cash deposit.

  • Can I order EGS for someone else?

    Yes, EGS allows you to place a scrap order quantity for someone else. During checkout, just update the name and delivery address of the person you're buying for. Please keep in mind that if the delivery details are not correct and the order cannot be delivered, we won't be able to process a refund.

  • How much does EGS charge for delivery?

    Delivery fee charged by EGS in Pakistan depends on many operational factors, most of all - location and how much qty you are ordering from. You can always check the delivery fee while forming your order.

  • What companies let you order online?

    There are hundreds of scrap buyer/sellers on EGS Pakistan that let your scrap order online. and many-many more! In order to check all the seller companies near you that deliver, just type in your address and discover all the available places.

  • Does EGS have minimum order?

    Yes, many EGS have a minimum order. The minimum order value depends on the company scrap quantity you order from and is indicated during your ordering process.

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